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Digital Voice

Digital Voice

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VoIP Phone

What is Digital Voice?

Digital voice replaces the old analogue phone line with a phone service that uses the internet connection to make and receive calls using a standard landline phone connected to the phone port on the broadband router or a VoIP phone. Digital Voice can be provided to anyone with a broadband service from B4RK no matter how the internet connection is provided.

Why Digital Voice?

  • Crystal clear HD voice calls.
  • Save money compared to keeping a traditional landline phone service.
  • Advanced features such as call divert, call recording and voicemail to e-mail.

Call packages

  1. Pay-as-you go = £6/m
  2. 1000 UK landline or 500 UK mobile minutes = £12/m


  1. Customers with a Zyxel DX/EX3301-T0 router can have a VoIP service configured on the router and connect a standard BT phone to the router.
  2. Customers without a VoIP-capable router or those wanting a new DECT VoIP handset can opt for a DECT VoIP phone. We supply a Yealink W73P for £96, configured and ready to plug in to start making and receiving calls. This phone is compatible with all broadband services we provide/install, including Starlink (Starlink Ethernet Adapter required).

Choice of numbers

  • Choose the area code and number you'd like.
  • or keep your existing number by transferring to B4RK for a one-off cost of £30.
  • Choose a premium number, with repeated digits, or a memorable sequence from £3/m.

We will contact you after you have placed an order to confirm your required area code, number porting or premium number options. These will be billed accordingly once details are confirmed.

Tariff for pay-as-you-go and out of bundle usage

Please be aware that should you rely on your landline for emergency calls and do not have another means to make an emergency call, such as a mobile phone then we recommend keeping your landline.

Price Increases

Currently, this service is not affected by an annual price increase linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation published in January each year. Any increase will be linked to the increase we see in our own costs to provide this service. Any increase will be announced with a minimum of 30 days notice.

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