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Fixed Access LTE signal and speed survey

Fixed Access LTE signal and speed survey

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*** Currently only available in Kent ***

If you're struggling with poor broadband speeds through your phone line and looking for an alternative broadband service that is not limited by the phone line then Fixed Access LTE could be the solution you are looking for.

Broadband for Rural Kent provides surveys to confirm which network would be best and the speed range that you'll see if you had this service installed. 

The survey is carried out using a telescopic pole with a high-gain 4G or 5G antenna at the height we could install on your property, up to 9 meters.

  • The survey will confirm which mast is best and therefore the direction for the antenna.
  • Where the antenna can be installed if you proceed with the installation.
  • The cable route from the antenna to where the router will be located.
  • The speed range to expect when installed.

The survey will be booked in 7-14 days from order, subject to availability and weather conditions.

Once we have surveyed we will advise which network is recommended, installation price and monthly cost. 

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