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Starlink Installation

Starlink Installation

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Starlink Installation

Looking for a broadband solution that works anywhere? 

Starlink is the best was to get superfast broadband in almost any location. This broadband service uses a vast network of 1000's of low earth orbit satellites to provide fast and low latency broadband anywhere with a clear view of the sky.

Download speeds between 100-220Mbps
Upload speeds between 10-30Mbps
Latency (average) <30ms
Unlimited download/upload usage

What do you need?

You just need to have a location on your property with a clear view of the sky. Because Starlink uses low earth orbit satellites that are passing over the view required is in a 100º cone. A tree, building or other obstruction close to the Starlink dish that obstructs this view can cause intermittent service, so it is important that the Starlink dish is installed correctly with a completely clear view.

We provide everything needed to get you up and running!

We now provide a full supply and installation service for Starlink. Ordering Starlink from us means you have nothing to worry about as we'll provide and install everything needed to get you up and running.

Included in our standard installation:-

  • Starlink standard (non-actuated/gen 3) dish and router with 15M cable*
  • Pipe adapter
  • Pole and bracket
  • Installation

* Please note that if installation requires a cable longer than 15 meters you will need to select the 45 meter cable option.

What is the on-going cost for the broadband service and who do I pay?

On or just before the installation day we will provide you with the KIT number for your Starlink dish. You'll use this to activate the dish and subscribe to Starlink's service. You can select a few options however re recommend the £75/m standard residential service.

No Contract!

Starlink service have a 30-day rolling contract with payment upfront on credit card. If you wish to cancel the service then this can be done via the app and ends the service on the last day of your current billing period. Activation again later on is simple, through the app (internet required!). Therefore Starlink can be cancelled when not needed and activated again if required. If you move house you can leave the the Starlink kit there ready for the next resident, you just need to transfer the KIT from your Starlink account, provide them with the KIT number and they can activate the service again.

Additional costs

  • If the installation can not be completed using triple section ladders and roof ladders and we need scaffolding or a cherry picker then we will quote accordingly.
  • There is no ongoing service charge from B4RK when you have Starlink installed, you just pay Starlink for the service. If a callout is required to investigate an issue this is charged at £96 inc VAT for the first hour and £50 inc VAT for each additional hour thereafter + parts used.
  • If you require the dish to be removed when no longer needed this is charged as a callout at £96 inc VAT for the first hour + £50 inc VAT for each additional hour required on site.


  • The Starlink dish needs a clear view of the sky to the north. This can not be obstructed by your property, other buildings or trees.
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